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Kid-Focused Dentistry

Unrivalled services for infants, children, teens, and patients with special needs.
A mother brushing her teeth with her little daughter while they smile and look in the mirror

We know most kids and teens aren’t super excited about visiting the dentist, but we do our best to make it an enjoyable experience.

Dr. Ngozi OkohLearn more about our dentist has developed a specific skill set from years of caring for children. One aspect she has mastered is their language.

She is able to connect with your child by using word substitutes for our dental services. For example, instead of cavities, she might say “sugar bugs” as kids definitely don’t want bugs on their teeth! She uses “sleep juice” rather than sedation or “a water whistle” instead of the drill. These fun words help young kids relate and eliminate anxiety too.

For our older patients, we explain each of the services in simple language and encourage them to ask any questions or express their concerns.

We want all our patients (and parents) to feel relaxed and enjoy a comprehensive approach to pediatric dentistry.

Learn more about our kid-friendly services below.

Preventative Dentistry

Developing healthy, happy smiles.

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Exams & Check-Ups

Dr. Okoh recommends visiting the dentist for the first time before your child’s first birthday. This will enable our East Norriton pediatric dentistLearn more about Dr. Okoh to assess your infant’s health and provide insight into their development. Dr. Okoh will then monitor your child’s development through regular six-month check-ups.

During these check-ups, our experienced doctor will evaluate your child’s teeth, gums, bite, and jaw development. The exams are always comfortable and adapted to your child’s specific needs and comfort level.

Dr. Okoh will provide feedback and top tips about how to maintain your child’s oral health at home. Our exams are a great relationship-building tool, as well as essential for long-lasting healthy smiles.

Dental Cleanings

A dental cleaning is the removal of plaque, tartar, and common tooth stains. Our dental professionals use this technique to help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Your dental partner, Dr. Okoh, recommends cleanings every six months but can come up with a customized plan to help your child’s specific needs.

We are committed to always using the best materials for our patients. The prophy pastes we use are nut-free, dye-free, and gluten-free. Plus, they come in fun flavors (chocolate, marshmallow, mint, and strawberry) for your child to enjoy. Check out our in-office chalkboard to see the flavors of the week!

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride varnish treatment is a great way to prevent decay, especially for younger patients. A tooth-colored fluoride gel is applied to your child’s teeth to remineralize and strengthen tooth enamel. The fluoride varnish we use comes in a variety of unique flavors, such as bubblegum, chocolate, and strawberry. They are also nut-free, dye-free, and gluten-free.

In addition to conventional fluoride, we also offer Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF). This FDA-approved material utilizes silver as an antimicrobial agent to stop decay and reduce sensitivity.

SDF is painless and takes a non-invasive medicinal approach that stops decay, as opposed to the traditional surgical method of drilling and placing a filling or crown. Case selection is important, but SDF can be utilized on young and/or anxious children that have baby teeth. This can be a great way to buy time until the child is older and more tolerant of receiving traditional services.

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Okoh cares about your child’s oral and whole-body health. Therefore, she continues to pursue modern dentistry that not only helps with accurate diagnosis but positively impacts your child’s overall health.

One such tool is digital x-rays. Emitting 80% less radiation, this innovative image capturing software allows Dr. Okoh to showcase potential damage and developmental issues.

The x-rays are more accurate and give a well-rounded view of your child’s smile. We’ll use these x-rays to gain insight and explain Dr. Okoh’s diagnosis.


Sealants are effective at preventing the build-up of decay in susceptible grooves on your child’s tooth surface. A sealant is like protecting these grooves with a tooth-colored lid. The treatment consists of a special clear resin that is painted onto the teeth, fills the grooves, and then hardens. Sealants enable your child to easily brush away any food debris that would have previously got trapped in the grooves.

Our office always utilizes top-quality materials that provide the best protection and are BPA-free. During your child’s regular check-ups, Dr. OkohMeet our dentist examines the status of the sealants and makes sure of their effectiveness to help prevent cavities.

Sedation Dentistry

Some children who visit our practice require a significant amount of dental work, are severely anxious or have special health care needs. When this is the case, Dr. Okoh may recommend IV sedation or general anesthesia to make your child more comfortable.

If this becomes the best course of action, then a board-certified anesthesiologist will be brought in to help your child receive the necessary services safely. Dr. Okoh will assess your child to make sure the patient is a good candidate for in-office IV sedation or general anesthesia.

If your child’s anxiety or treatment is not severe, then Dr. Okoh can administer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help them relax and cooperate.

Emergency Dental Care

Farm Park Pediatric Dentistry strives to offer same-day appointments to all our patients experiencing a dental emergency.

If your child has lost or broken a tooth (or teeth) due to an injury, give us a call as soon as possible.

Restorative Dentistry

We are here in your time of need!

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White Restorations

Composites and glass ionomers are tooth-colored fillings used to restore a tooth after decay has been removed. The goal is to return the decayed tooth to the normal aesthetic (sometimes improved), form, and function. Our composites are BPA-free and we are an amalgam-free (traditional silver filling) office.

Rest-assured, Dr. Okoh will place the filling in ultimate comfort and your child will not feel any pain. We numb the area before starting the procedure and make sure your child is happy throughout.


Occasionally, baby teeth can become damaged due to decay or trauma and can’t be repaired with a dental filling. When this is the case, Dr. Okoh may recommend a dental crown to protect the damaged tooth.

Crowns for children are the same as adults. They cover over the tooth and protect it from further decay or damage.

At Farm Park Pediatric DentistryVisit our homepage for more, we use high-quality materials for both white and stainless steel crowns. Our tooth-colored crowns use Zirconia and Fiberglass to match your child’s natural smile.

Crowns typically last as long as the life of the baby tooth and will protect that tooth until it is naturally lost.


When a tooth cannot be saved due to severe decay, infection, or trauma, we end up needing to remove it. This is known as an extraction.

Occasionally, a tooth may be removed to help with future orthodontic treatments. However, the majority of the time, infection or trauma are the primary reasons for tooth extraction. When this is required, our pediatric dentist in East Norriton, PA, acts fast to remove the tooth before it causes further issues.

Whatever the reason for extraction, Dr. Okoh will use soothing age-appropriate terms to keep your child calm. For example, she might say to a very young patient that the removal is like giving the “sick” tooth a “big hug” to help the tooth from being sick anymore.

Rest assured, our entire team will ensure your child is comfortable and ready before starting the procedure.

Baby Root Canals

The dental pulp (which is inside the tooth) is where the nerves and blood vessels are held so our teeth can feel temperatures and other sensations. Occasionally, the health of the pulp can become compromised and cause a severe toothache.

Decay on baby teeth can progress very rapidly and can enter the pulp, which can lead to abscess, infection, and pain. In some instances, a pulpotomy can be utilized to clean out the pulp chamber (or nerve center).

A pulpectomy is when the tissue in the roots is removed along with the pulpal tissue. Often these are referenced by dentists as a “baby root canal.” The words “root canal” can elicit fear in the bravest, but in baby teeth, the process is a lot different. The phrase is just a descriptor to allow parents to understand what is happening.

Dr. Okoh will explain the entire procedure and highlight how we eliminate any discomfort for your child.

Space Maintainers

If your child loses a baby tooth early, through trauma or an extraction, then it is imperative to keep the gap open for the new tooth to come through.

Teeth have a natural tendency to shift into any open space, which can cause a series of dental problems when the new tooth is ready to come through. To prevent this issue, Dr. OkohLearn more about our pediatric dentist uses space maintainers.

Space maintainers hold your child’s teeth in position and maintain the space for the new tooth to grow. This has a positive impact on your child’s tooth development as adult teeth can easily come through.

Habit Appliance

Habits such as thumb sucking and persistent tongue thrust are common in young children. These bad habits can lead to teeth shifting and bite misalignment issues, which harm oral development.

It is vital to take action early! One such way is by using an oral habit appliance. These simple orthodontic appliances can be placed into your child’s mouth to prevent their habit and realign their smile.

Dr. Okoh will also provide practical advice on how to stop these harmful habits and return your child to optimal oral health.

ICON Resin Infiltration

Due to orthodontic care or plaque build-up, your child can develop white spot lesions on their teeth. These spots can affect your child’s confidence and continue to grow if not reversed.

Dr. Okoh’s first step is to help parents establish a solid hygiene routine to help remove the white spot lesions. She then may recommend professional dental cleanings and ICON Resin Infiltration.

ICON Resin Infiltration uses a series of safe and effective resins, which are applied to your child’s teeth. These resins help remineralize the tooth surface and remove the white spot lesions.

You child can enjoy a cleaner, healthier-looking smile!

Dr. Okoh is a top-notch pediatric dentist. She is dedicated to her patients and ensures that the experience is fun for the kids and highly professional. She’s also a dedicated mom, so she treats her patients as she would want her precious son to be treated. I highly recommend Dr. Okoh!

Leslie-Ann F. (Patient's Mom)

Orthodontics – COMING SOON!

Creating the foundation for a beautiful smile.

Imagine being able to have your child’s orthodontic needs taken care of at your pediatric dentist’s office. Not only would you save gas and time traveling to different offices, but we can coordinate and optimize your child’s treatment on multiple levels. We’ll announce when these services become available.

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